A Home Base For Global Thinking

A Home Base For Global Thinking

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A global perspective at UBC requires the engagement of students in the affairs of the world. A powerful tool in encouraging debate and conversation about global issues is the Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge & Resource Centre.

The Global Lounge serves as a home base for globally focused UBC student clubs and organizations. It is a physical place devoted to providing meeting space and other resources to over 1000 student members. Walking into the Global Lounge quickly shows that it is more than a space, but rather a community of people actively working on shaping their roles as citizens of the world.

Creating and funding the lounge is only part of UBC’s commitment. Students with ideas that have the potential to make an impact at the university or around the world can qualify for a grant from the Global Fund. Up to $2000 is available for student-led initiatives, projects or events that are rooted in the values of international engagement, intercultural understanding, sustainability and collaboration. Last year alone, more than a dozen student projects were successfully funded and implemented.

The connections created through the Global Lounge literally span the world and have the potential to influence great change. Finding ways to harness the energy of motivated students with support and encouragement is what makes UBC a recognized world leader.

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The Global Lounge serves as a home base for globally focused UBC student clubs and organizations.

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