Learning and Leading in the Community

Learning and Leading in the Community

Outstanding Work Environment | University Wide
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The annual UBC Community United Way Campaign is intended to support and give back to the local community. Staff and faculty involvement in the campaign is important for its success, and one of the ways the university does this is by offering the United Way Loaned Representative as a secondment opportunity for staff at the Vancouver campus. Each fall, participating staff join the United Way fundraising team while maintaining their full pay and benefits.

For 16 weeks, participants help the United Way raise funds that support over 500 social programs and initiatives across the Lower Mainland. In return, Loaned Reps develop valuable leadership skills and experience that they can bring back to their roles at UBC. Watch the video to learn about Roger Ling’s experience as a United Way Loaned Representative.

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Roger Ling, Student Co-ordinator

The Loaned Representative Program allows staff to join the United Way fundraising team, build experience and learn new skills while maintaining full pay and benefits.

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The UBC Community United Way campaign kicks off Oct 10! #UBC https://t.co/liAe2xwqmd https://t.co/nXELsBanJ6
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Looking to win some big $ and support a great cause? #UBC #UBCUW https://t.co/74Jqde94Y0
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@TammyBrimner @UBC It's going to be epic! Can't wait 🙂
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What a greeting! United way day at RevUp @UWLM #ubc https://t.co/I5eWx8AkXL
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