About the Annual Report

Through storytelling and metrics, Connected by Commitment highlights the many ways in which the university community is working together to achieve the commitments in the university’s Strategic Plan – Place and Promise.  Connected by Commitment is a collaboration between three UBC units: the Office of the President, Communications & Marketing, and the Centre for Teaching & Learning Technology (CTLT) to bring two previously distinct projects into one digital annual report for the 2012-13 reporting period.

We hope you find it both engaging and informative. Please send any feedback to Communications & Marketing at comm.marketing@ubc.ca

Office of the President

Patricia Stevens
Julia Waring

Communications and Marketing

Kari Grist
Lisa Fisher
Robbin Simao
Michael Ko
Matt Warburton
Michael Kam
Charlotte Sander
Bonnie Vockeroth
Jodie Lightfoot
Adrian Liem
Lina Kang
Aida Viziru
PK Chan
Mark Pilon


Enej Bajgoric
Michael Ha
Julien Law
Scott McMillan
Novak Rogic


Ryan Leeson
Lisa Manfield
Diane Haynes
Paul Mark


Martin Dee
Darren Hull
Jody Jacobs
Don Erhardt
Johnty Wang
Anne Janeda
Tom Scott
C.J. Rowe
Norm Levin
Chris Guenard
Chris Borchert
Paul Marck
Saucier + Perrotte Architectes / Hughes Condon Marler Architects

Concept & Design

Tribal DDB