Alumni Engagement

The University engages its alumni fully in the life of the institution as valued supporters, advocates, and lifelong learners who contribute to and benefit from connections to each other and to the University.

Education is the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
 G. K. Chesterton

They are volunteers and partners. Ambassadors, advocates, and donors. Mentors to current students and lifelong learners. They live in Vancouver and Kelowna, across Canada, and all around the globe, and they work in every field imaginable. More than a quarter million in number, they embody the values, the knowledge, and the passion of the University, and its commitment to serve the world. They are UBC alumni, and they seek an even closer relationship with their alma mater. UBC is honoured to oblige.

The University increases its capacity to involve alumni in meaningful ways. Through partnerships with faculties, student groups, and service providers, and with the support of individuals and communities worldwide, UBC develops programs for grads of every era. UBC builds connections between alumni and current students to foster a sense of community and continuity between generations.

UBC is committed to a relationship of mutual contribution and benefit, confident that its effect will extend beyond any of our lifetimes.


  • Foster the growth and development of UBC’s alumni communities
  • Create access for all alumni to a ready network of peers and the UBC learning environment
  • Prepare UBC students to make the most of their UBC networks


  • In 2012, a new governance structure for the Alumni Association Board of Directors was instituted, including the creation of a 40 person Advisory Council
  • Activity throughout the year included:
    -  More than 500 donors, alumni and community partners attended 7 building and naming events at the Okanagan campus; and 5 building openings at the Vancouver campus
    -  Over 12,500 alumni attended events held throughout the year, including UBC Dialogues, events to welcome the new DVC to the Okanagan, book clubs, etc.
    -  Almost 5,000 alumni signed up for A-cards


  • Expand University-wide efforts to engage alumni and increase the capacity of the Alumni Association to support this endeavor and promote UBC
  • Build positive regard for UBC through all alumni activities
  • Build a new Alumni Centre that will serve as a dynamic welcome centre on the Vancouver campus, bringing together all members of the campus community


  • Increased partnerships with programming have led to the Alumni Engagement goal for the year being met at 45,095 points against a goal of 37,900
  • Retention rate of alumni engaged year over year continues to go up, from 41% in 2011/12 to 44% in 2012/13
  • Usage of our communication channels has continued to grow:  Unique web visitors reach 2011/12 levels as of the end of the third quarter for 2012/13, and email open rates have reached an average of 25%
  • The Alumni Centre building project has reached working drawings.