Student Success Starts with Less Stress

Student Success Starts with Less Stress

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Student life isn’t exactly known for being stress-free, especially during exam time. But reaching out and asking for help doesn’t come naturally to many, particularly if students aren’t even aware that help is available.

This year, UBC made it a whole lot easier for students to get the help they need during rough patches. Two UBC programs designed to promote mental health and well-being were launched to offer support networks for students coping with the stresses of school, exams and being away from home.

The Early Alert program attempts to address issues early, before they turn into major stumbling blocks. The program increases faculty and staff awareness of indicators that a student may be experiencing difficulties and enables timely connection to resources. Specially trained advisors review concerns and, where reach-out is indicated, develop action plans. To date, over 90% of reach-outs have been successful.

“The earlier we can connect students to resources, the easier it is for students to get back on track and the more likely it is that they will succeed,” says Cheryl Washburn, director of Counselling Services and project lead for the implementation of Early Alert. “We really want students to succeed and have a good experience at UBC.”

For stress tied directly to exams, the Stress Less for Exam Success event provides students with tried-and-true strategies for getting through test time. Everything from traditional exam coaching, writing workshops and health check-ups, to culinary and emotional sustenance with free breakfasts, pet visits, music and much-needed brain breaks with Wii Sports games, Jenga and origami.

Student well-being gets a solid A when it comes to UBC’s priorities, and that’ll take a load off anyone’s mind when they’re trying to focus on studying.

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“The earlier we can connect students to resources, the easier it is for students to get back on track and the more likely it is that they will succeed,” says Cheryl Washburn

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